Mission Statement

To create exceptional return on investor equity while creating innovations which advancing the fields of science and technology.

  1. Always innovate, especially when times are tough
  2. Put common sense and customer service above the status quo
  3. Operate with transparency and integrity
  4. Treat all employees, clients and shareholders with exceptional levels of respect
  5. Create an exceptional standard of presentation, image and detail

v2 = v02 + 2a(x − x0) * F Δt = m Δv
ΔUg = mgΔh / θ0 + ω0t + ½αt2 % α × r − ω2 r
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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Project

What started as a challenge to recreate the nostalgia of those old fashioned books is now a popular open library for hobbyists to create interactive adventure.

More Info is a website dedicated to providing free and innovative financial tools to all citizens of the internet

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Magic Circles

This is a library used for making cool, animated magic circles using SVG. It is used on this page.

Magic Circles